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The battle royale giant returns for low-end Android OS users

Tencent Games | 1 more apps |
updated on October 27, 2023
Download XAPK
750.4mb | free


Lightweight and free to download
The game mechanics and gameplay feel like the original PUBG Mobile experience
Matches are shorter and filled with action and excitement


Few game modes and maps currently available
A large number of bot players
PUBG alternatives on the Play Store might be a better choice for low-end device users
Price: $
The battle royale madness is still going strong with new games being released on a regular basis. The genres giants such as PUBG and Fortnite are still experiencing massive numbers of players and the hype seems to still be there.

However, people with low-to-mid tier phones haven't been able to play PUBG or they have experienced low FPS. That is why PUBG Mobile Lite was launched. So, let's see what it's all about.

First of all, the download file is much smaller, meaning that the game should be fine with Android phones with limited storage. After the installation is complete, the game shouldn't take up more than 400 MB. The whole game feels and looks like the original PUBG Mobile but the graphics quality difference is more than noticeable.

The core PUBG Mobile Lite experience happens on a smaller 2x2 km Erangel map with 40 players diving into the action, as opposed to 100 players in PUBG Mobile. This automatically leads to shorter matches which last only around 10-12 minutes. This is great since it makes the game a little more exciting and fast-paced, which is generally something a mobile game should try to achieve.

The game modes include Classic and Arcade, and the small Erangel map is currently the only map supported in the game. Gameplay feels almost like the real thing. The games mechanics and weapon use feel great, and it almost feels like PUBG Mobile with all graphic settings set to low.

Still, there are many, many bots in the game and that is something to expect until the game is released for a broader audience. This somehow ruins the game and makes getting the Chicken Dinner much easier. Hopefully, that will be fixed in the future.
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